But it also an incredibly pessimistic thing

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baycenters 0 points submitted 5 days ago

hermes birkin bag replica cheap Donald Trump won by lying and helpful hints telling people he would bring them jobs and healthcare. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

He brought out the worst in his voters to the point that he took a 2000 year old religion that has mini birkin bag replica ruled over much of the world for centuries and forever exposed it for the rank, shitty, power grubbing farce that it is and all of the true believers begged him to do it.

Russia and the Trump campaign 100% worked together to get him elected, I guaranfuckintee it.

fake hermes belt vs real Sure, Donald Trump « won » hbags reviews the electoral votes, but it was not just the biggest mistake of his life it will echo through history as one of the most emblematic cautionary tales of hubris by any man. fake hermes belt vs real

Hermes Handbags Replica VanillaTortilla 3 points submitted 7 days ago Hermes Handbags Replica

high quality hermes replica The way I see it is, eventually, countries will start becoming less about themselves, and more about the world. Centuries from now, I don think we have any kind of « national pride » anymore. Races will become incredibly mixed, and everyone will just be a hodge podge of medium skinned people. high quality hermes replica

Japan, if they still a population by then, will still be. Japan. Because they really don like non natively born Japanese people becoming Japanese citizens, they orange birkin replica will slowly die out and make room for someone else, most likely China, because. well, that what China does. Which hermes belt replica I find sad, and a little bit humorous considering Japan once tried to take over China.

So in the end, replica hermes if you for the world slowly, very slowly, becoming more of an « us », and less of a « me » or « you », then sure, it a great thing. But it also an incredibly pessimistic thing, to hope that another country simply stops existing. It the death of a hbags replica hermes culture. I don think the world is ready to become an « us » yet. There are far too many countries on the planet who are destructive, and who would like nothing more than to take over the planet. Which is not the way it should be done. It about cooperation, not hostile takeover.

VanillaTortilla 1 point submitted 7 days ago

cheap hermes belt You probably right. I don think they « die out » per say, but there comes a hermes replica handbags certain point where a population isn sustainable anymore. Will they get it under control before then? Who knows. I hope so. cheap hermes belt

I believe that attempting to mix the worlds cultures, religions and nations will have reactionary and disastrous consequences.

This is why I said centuries from now, not decades. You absolutely right. The world is incredibly volatile currently, and nobody really wants to play along with others. Maybe they will in 2419. 7 points submitted 14 days ago

Why are you attacking me, I said nothing about you? Racism is the work of white people, that undisputed but it appears to have set you off into a defensive posture where you feel like you are scoring some galaxy brain points by making the irrelevant point that it mean to judge people by their skin color.

You want to end racism? Start talking to white people about ending racism. Because we are the ones responsible for racism, if you don believe that, there a lot of reading that you can do.

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TeamRocketBadger 233 points submitted 29 days ago

My SO and I love going to see new movies. Its a great chance to hang out and just relax. We have stopped going completely. Heres how it goes:

to cheap movie theater: People are talking/laughing hysterically/yelling at the screen. Kids acting obnoxious the entire time, check my site nobody does/says anything to them.

to fancy movie theater with reserved seats: People talk the entire time, when you reserve the best seats often you find people in them and they ask you to let them stay in them when theres not many people in the theater. This has happened the last 3x weve gone. The most recent time we went, the guy next to us with his wife and 3 kids was sitting next to me ON HIS PHONE ordering food for after the movie, calling friends, had to ask him to stop and then looked at me surprised.

don really mind having to tell people to shutup/move/get off the phone occasionally, but its every single time we go now theres a problem. We havent been to the theater in years where its just chill and we have no issues. The theaters dont do anything about it anymore, and every 6 months or so we get amnesia and try to go again, where we are met by the same issues that ruin the experience. The last time we found kids in our seats and they tried to not move I lost my temper and told them to get the fuck out of our seats. I dont like feeling that way when I go to the theater and I dont like being that guy. Its just not worth the effort anymore.

this point, you almost need noise cancelling headphones to get people to stfu for the movie. Its just not worth it. This is hbags handbags reviews what I see killing theaters.

wyldmage 0 points submitted 1 month ago

Yup. I hope that any investigation reveals all the truth so that people can make informed decisions about whether the cops overstepped boundaries or not.

However, several officers turned off their body cams for the same incident. To me, that screams warnings. And without a surviving victim or other witness, those cams are the only thing that the officers had that would prove they didn screw www.hbags.ru reviews up. And cop behavior is held to a higher standard than the rest of us (great power, responsibility, yada yada).

WotanGuy 1 point submitted 2 months ago

Just because your ancestors were oppressed doesn’t give you the right to beat your significant other, I wouldn’t forgive russian americans for commiting crimes because their ancestors hermes bracelet replica may have been peasent serfs you were then tortured and almost genocided by the nazis and then oppressed and enslaved to work camps by the soviet regime. Also what about the cops who are also black considering there’s a higher percentage of black people in the police force than black people make up as a percentage of the nation.

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